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WesKids provides early care and education for small children from six weeks to five years.

Are you a parent looking for an exceptional early childhood program that sets your child on the path to success? Look no further than WesKids Child Development Center! We are a premier head start education provider committed to nurturing and developing young minds in the most crucial years of their lives.

At WesKids, we believe that every child deserves the best start in life. Our highly skilled and passionate educators create a safe, stimulating, and inclusive environment where children aged six weeks to five years can thrive. Through our comprehensive curriculum, we focus on holistic development, cultivating their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical skills.

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What sets us apart is our individualized approach to learning. We recognize that each child is unique, with their own strengths and areas of growth. Our dedicated teachers personalize instruction, tailoring it to meet the specific needs and interests of every child. This personalized attention ensures that your little one receives the support they need to excel.

Our program is designed to foster a love for learning through engaging activities that promote critical thinking, creativity, nature exploration and problem-solving skills. From hands-on experiences to interactive group projects, we provide a dynamic learning environment that ignites curiosity and nurtures a lifelong passion for knowledge.

Furthermore, we strongly believe in the power of collaboration. We foster strong partnerships with parents, working together as a team to support each child’s development. Regular communication, parent workshops, and family involvement activities create a sense of community, ensuring that parents feel connected and engaged in their child’s educational journey.

Choosing WesKids means giving your child a head start in life.

Choosing WesKids means giving your child a head start in life.

Our comprehensive early childhood program equips children with the essential skills they need to succeed academically and socially. We take pride in our nurturing environment, personalized approach, and collaborative spirit, all aimed at helping your child reach their full potential.

WesKids is a proud partner of the Greater Louisville Head Start Initiative. Head Start seeks to open access to high quality, holistic early care and education for those with the greatest need. The program model provides children with early education experiences that increase school readiness skills and prepare children for Kindergarten. In addition to classroom instruction, self-directed learning is embraced. The teaching philosophy is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning which embraces the parent as the first teacher. Children are served healthy meals and snacks, and enjoy learning in a safe, accepting, and supportive environment.

Join the WesKids family and give your child the best possible start to their educational journey. Together, we’ll lay the foundation for a lifetime of success!

For more information, call us at (502) 968-8231 or visit https://familyapplication.shineinsight.com/glhs to submit your application.

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