The WesGrand Society

creating a positive impact for countless families annually

A community of civic-minded individuals who care deeply about making a difference.

We spark positive change that touches countless families

Do. Something. Grand.

WesGrand Society is a cohort of community leaders and concerned citizens that understand civic responsibility. WesGrand Society members make an annual charitable donation commitment of $1,000 or more to support the mission. This distinguished society has taken a vow of philanthropy and advocacy investment that creates impact for hundreds of families annually through Wesley House Community Services.

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Do. Something. Grand.

Do. Something. Grand.

Maximize Your Donation
WesGrand Society benefits include exclusive VIP passes to all community and programmatic events hosted by Wesley House. WesGrand Society members receive honorable mention in the agency's annual report. WesGrand Society serves as ambassadors; hosting quarterly, invitation only, social gatherings to bring brand awareness and to strategically expand their society.

WesGrand Society

Monthly Donation
$ 83
  • Commit to making a monthly donation of at least $83.33

WesGrand Society

Yearly Donation
$ 1000 One Time
  • Commit to making an annual donation of at least $1000

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